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Step right up and join the fun! With over 30 years of combined experience in children's and family friendly entertainment, Barrel Full of Monkeys are guaranteed to bring joy and laughter to your event. Serving the Bay Area and beyond and specializing in high energy shows for Family Picnics, Fairs and Festivals.


Hilarious and inspiring family entertainment, Slim and Squeaky's Barrel Full of Monkeys Show is the perfect cocktail of thrills and skills that will delight audiences of all ages. This 30 minute show blends classic circus, vaudeville and slapstick comedy into a multitude of magical moments and surprises.

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With 30 years of combined experience in the circus arts and more than a decade of partnership, this whacky duo brings joy and laughter to children aged 3 to 103! Juggling, unicycle, hula hoop and ridiculous clowning is just some of the fun that awaits you with the Barrel full of Monkeys Show!

2 performers, unicycling, tall unicycle, juggling (ball, club and hats), comedy magic, hooping and more.

The show can be 30-45 minutes. Usually we will stay for 15 minutes or so after the show to do some extra walk about with the children.

We can provide our own wireless mics and mini PA.

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Space needs: To do all of our tricks we need 14 ft x 14ft performance area and 14ft height clearance. We prefer a wood floor or concrete. It is very difficult for us to perform our show on grass, gravel or on an incline. If the space is smaller we can adjust our show to fit the space.


Strolling and Walk-around entertainment is very popular for school carnivals, fairs, festivals and picnics. Stilt walkers, jugglers, hoopers and other costumed characters stroll through out your event and bring the entertainment right to you with no staging required. We have a plethora of costume themes available as well; everything from carnival, western, seasonal and more! We also have a wonderful collection of holiday costumes!


The bubble show is a great hit for younger children and is also fun for the older kids and even adults. It is a very interactive show with the kids taking turns making the bubbles. It is also a great photo opportunity.

The show is 40 minutes long. Recommended for ages 0-6.

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For outdoor parties we offer an interactive bubble play station. This activity is very fun for the children for about 30-45 minutes.

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Space needs: We need a large indoor area for the show, at least 10x10 ft for the stage area, plus additional space for the children to sit. We can not guarantee the kid-inside-a-bubble trick outside.

Magic and puppet Shows

A fun and interactive show that entertains kids and parents alike. Perfect for any event, from birthday parties to stage shows! Your performer enters as the character of your choice.

The audience and guests are invited to participate and interact during the entire 30 minute show. Although Our characters love to use both puppets and magic tricks for everyone, for ages 0-5 more puppets are suggested. For ages 5+ more magic is suggested.

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